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Plano, Texas (June 13, 2015) — G-Rods International is introducing the world’s first and only graphene fishing rods to the world! Their patented graphene technology is extremely advanced and enhances the fishing rods by generating 25% more strength while reducing weight by 25%.

G-Rods Features
• Graphene/Toray carbon fiber proprietary blend
High-quality 1k Toray carbon fiber reinforcement on bottom sections
Customized reel seats
Titanium guides with SIC
Ergonomic handle designs
Tangle-free tip tops

What is graphene?
Graphene is the strongest and lightest material in the world. It is 200 times stronger than steel and one million times thinner than paper. Graphene is hailed as a miracle material with the potential to revolutionize products and processes across industries from consumer electronics to biomedicine. 

About G-Rods International
G-Rods International is a new fishing rod company that is revolutionizing the fishing world by introducing graphene to the industry. G-Rods International was founded by Glenn Miller, an avid fisherman and custom rod builder. Mr. Miller is passionate about fishing and understands what anglers need. Located in Plano, TX, G-Rods are designed by diehard fishermen. G-Rod’s patented graphene technology is the most advanced in the world. You will discover how special the G-Rods are the second you pick one up! Visit for information.

For more information on G-Rods’ graphene fishing rods please stop by ICAST booth #2207 at the show.

Media Contact:
Vanhdy Miller
Chief Financial Officer
G-Rods International
555 Republic Drive, Suite 200
Direct Line: (972) 535-8932
Fax: (214) 347-4027

Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller


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