Pro Bass 7’4” MHS
Pro Bass 7’4” MHS
Pro Bass 7’4” MHS
Pro Bass 7’4” MHS
Pro Bass 7’4” MHS

Pro Bass 7’4” MHS

Model: BA-74MH-1S
Length: 7 ft 4 in
Power: MH
Action: Fast
Line: 6 - 14 lbs
Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/8 oz
Section(s): 1
Type: Spinning
Rod Weight: 4.8 oz

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Very rarely do you think of using a spinning rod in thick vegetation or deep cover. But the G-Rods Pro Bass 7’4” is built to do just that. Designed explicitly for power fishing, the Pro Bass 7’4” rod is ideal for crystal clear lakes that require long casts, dragging Carolina rigs in thick cover or accurately bouncing larger jigs in a variety of depths.

This versatile spinning rod can be used with larger plastic baits including senkos, stick baits, and fluke type baits. Its powerful butt section will give you great hook set, while its fast tip offers just enough to hold onto the big lunker on the end of your line. Monster bass beware!

Material: Graphene/Toray carbon fiber proprietary blend (entire rod)
Additional Material: High quality 1K Toray carbon fiber reinforcement (bottom section)
Reel Seat: Fuji VSS Comfort Fit
EVA: Fuji Grade A Non-Slip
Guides: Fuji Titanium SIC & Fuji tangle free tip top

Recommended Locations: heavy cover, clear water lakes & rivers, deep water, open waters

Recommended Applications: all-purpose bass, all techniques requiring lots of power, power spin, flipping, swim jig finesse, Carolina rig, pitching, jig-n-pig, matted grass punching, Texas rig, slop-n-frog, crankbait fishing 

Recommended Lures: all lures requiring a lot of power, crankbaits, jig worms, finesse worms, senkos, soft jerkbaits

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