Pro Bass 7’3
Pro Bass 7’3
Pro Bass 7’3
Pro Bass 7’3
Pro Bass 7’3

Pro Bass 7’3" MHC Crankbait

Model: BA-73MH-1C CR
Length: 7 ft 3 in
Power: MH
Action: Med Fast
Line: 10 - 17 lbs
Lure: 3/8 - 1 oz
Section(s): 1
Type: Casting
Rod Weight: 5.6 oz

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Introducing the ultimate performance crankbait fishing rod! The G-Rods Pro Bass 7’3” rod is engineered for sensitivity without compromising strength and weight. This rod blends carbon fiber and e-glass for an unrivaled parabolic bend. You’ll feel even the lightest taps on your lure and enjoy excellent hooksets with a backbone unlike any other crankbait rod. The Pro Bass 7’3” can accommodate the full spectrum of crankbaits, including divers like the DD-22. The G-Rods Pro Bass 7’3” redefines crankbait fishing!

Recommended Locations: heavy cover, clear water lakes & rivers, deep water, open water

Ideal for most bass applications including: flipping, swim jig finesse, Carolina rig, pitching, jig-n-pig, matted grass punching, crankbait fishing

Recommended Lures: worms, lizards, big crankbaits, swim jigs, jigs, soft plastics on leader, top waters, open-water spinnerbaits

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