Pro Crappie 9' MLS
Pro Crappie 9' MLS
Pro Crappie 9' MLS
Pro Crappie 9' MLS

Pro Crappie 9' MLS

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Model: CR-9ML-2S
Length: 9 ft
Power: ML
Action: Fast
Line: 4 - 10 lbs
Lure: 1/8 - 3/8 oz
Section(s): 2
Type: Spinning
Rod Weight: 3.8 oz

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An unbelievably light spinning rod, designed for fishing lakes and ponds where longer casts make the difference. It will help you manage longer leaders for fishing cork-n-jig. Its faster tip was ideal for working jigs slightly more aggressively, and for setting hooks in deeper water. The Pro Crappie 9’ ML spinning rod is great for casting tiny jigs in shallow water as well as working swimbaits in or around cover.

Material: Graphene/Toray carbon fiber proprietary blend (entire rod)
Additional Material: High quality 1K Toray carbon fiber reinforcement (bottom section)
Reel Seat: DPS Pipe Styled
EVA: Comfort Touch Non-Slip
Guides: Titanium SIC & tangle free tip-top

Recommended Locations: overhanging brushes, brush piles, stumps, dead end creek runs

Recommended Techniques: any techniques requiring long casts, vertical jigging, long lining

Recommended Lures: light jigs, variety of small baits, small spinners, live baits

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